Water Repellents FAQ

2 min. readlast update: 08.01.2022
This FAQ is about our professional line of water repellents found on RainguardPro.com. Please see the article "Premium Project Sealers" for more information about our homeowner line of water repellents.

Q: Can Efflorescence Blocker be used on a concrete planter and then coated with an anti-graffiti coating such as VandlGuard Original Non-Sacrificial?

A: Yes! Efflorescence Blocker will act as a primer for the anti-graffiti coating, preventing it from being absorbed into the surface. 

Q: If a surface is sealed with Micro-Seal or Blok-Lok is it able to painted over at a later time or must it be removed first?

A: It is not necessary to remove these products if you intend to paint the surface at a later time. Our penetrating water repellents can be treated as a paint primer, sealing the surface prior to the application of paint. 

Q: How soon after applying Micro-Seal or Blok-Lok can I paint over the surface?

A: It is recommended that you wait approx. 2 hours before painting over Micro-Seal or Blok-Lok.

Q: How long do I need to wait after pouring concrete before applying Micro-Seal?

A: You will need to wait 3-5 days after pouring concrete to apply Micro-Seal. 

Q: Can I use Micro-Seal as a concrete curing aid?

A: Yes. Please see the "Concrete Curing" section of the Technical Data Sheet.

Q: How long do I wait after applying new stucco before applying Super Stucco Sealer or Micro-Seal?

A: You will need to wait 5 days before applying a sealer.

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